The perfect union ofdesign, picture and sound.

The new Loewe Reference ID – discover the new standard in premium home entertainment.

Brilliant image quality.Perfect image values.

The Loewe Reference ID delivers outstanding image quality thanks to a powerful white LED backlight that provides homogenous backlighting for every image, ensuring perfect colour reproduction. A top-quality precision glass contrast filter panel, produced in Germany, optimises levels of contrast while simultaneously minimising reflections. And of course the image values (contrast, brightness and saturation) for the Loewe Reference ID are individually tuned - bringing you the most intensive colour experience in every scene.

The sharpest picture.Always.

The Loewe Reference ID ensures smooth flowing viewing pleasure for even the fastest action scenes. This is thanks to the exclusive Full-HD Panel and the very high 400 Hz picture refresh rate - the ideal combination for sports scenes and fast-paced action films.

Outstandingsound characteristics.Scientifically proven.

The findings of the Frauenhofer Institute for Digital Media Technology IDMT speak for themselves - and for the Loewe Reference ID: great acoustic pressure, finely tuned sound pattern and deep, powerful tones. In the tests, the audio signal was reproduced practically unaltered across the entire spectrum from 50 Hz to 20,000 Hz. And even challenging music tracks with high dynamics were reproduced without distortion. The high maximum noise pressure level of up to 102 dB means that the Loewe Reference ID can fill even large rooms with a hugely impressive sound.

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