Suits every home.

Integrating a television into your home doesn’t get more precise than with the Loewe Individual: choose the housing colour (mouldings on the upper and lower edges, rear panel, Loewe Individual Stereo Speaker where applicable). Or design the side insets and the supports of the cross stand in high-quality materials and in over 200 colour tones. You can also effortlessly customise your sound components. Discover the diversity of the Loewe Individual now by using the configurator!

The best technology.
Whatever the size.

The Loewe Individual Slim Frame impresses with all the qualities of a genuine high-end television – on big and even bigger screens alike. Ensure you use your room at home to its full potential: courtesy of their very slim frames, even large screens can be positioned in relatively small rooms. Whether it’s 40 inch, 46 inch or the 55 inch home cinema (140 cm), the Loewe Individual’s slimline design guarantees you always enjoy the most important thing: the brilliant picture

The brilliant picture.
400 times a second.

A hummingbird flaps its wings up to 80 times a second just to stay in the air. The Loewe Individual’s 400 Hz technology lets you enjoy this incredibly fast movement in razor-sharp brilliance. The high-quality contrast filter panel and the outstandingly homogeneous LED backlighting ensure a natural colour reproduction and a rich black – the perfect combination for a bright and realistic 3D playback.


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