Loewe Art.Fastest channel change

Loewe Art.Fastest channel change.

The new Loewe Art Ultra HD range boasts the world's fastest channel changing times. Making it quick and easy for you to flick through channels, to see what's on and find what you want to watch. Loewe Instant Channel Zapping introduces high-speed channel changes, taking beautifully intuitive operation to a whole new level.

Keep flicking!Channel hopping has never been such fun!

We all do it. Despite streaming portals and media libraries, we still love to flick through TV channels: Music show. Current affairs. Drama. Financial analysis. Washing powder advertisement. Thriller. Isn't that Viggo Mortensen? Keep flicking! Why do we do it? What are we hoping to find? A chat show, a wildlife documentary or even a football match? That's not what it's about. We channel hop because we enjoy the surprises it brings. Not to mention the amazing insights into the world around us.

The new Loewe Art's lightning-fast channel change make channel hopping a real pleasure.

Loewe has discovered the secretof high-speed channel changing.

The new Loewe Art creates a 'film editing' like effect for channel changes: with no blank frame or pause! How does it work? Our TV sets have two receivers which process digital signals independently of each other. While one tuner is showing your current programme, the second is busy loading the next channel in the background. You simply switch to this image when you change channels. At lightning speed.

Loewe Smart tv2move.Watch television. Independently. Enjoy.

The Smart tv2move app transforms your tablet into a second television: allowing you to watch one channel on your Loewe TV set while streaming another programme to your tablet. Giving you ultimate flexibility in your choice of viewing location, even on your patio or veranda, anywhere within your home network.

The Loewe Smart tv2move App is expected to be available during March 2015 for tablets running Android 4.0 and Apple iOS 8.

High-quality aluminium......And no compromises.

Loewe accepts no compromises in its selection of materials and workmanship. So when it came to choosing a supplier for our brushed aluminium, we went straight to Piesslinger, the international leader in aluminium surface treatment services,  based in Molln, in Upper Austria. Our TV frames - and the aluminium table-top stand - are therefore a case of: "Made in Germany" meets "Finished in Austria".

The rear of the Loewe Art looks every bit as elegant as the front. Giving you a multitude of options for positioning your new TV –  and ensuring that the cabling does not detract from the overall aesthetic effect. The new Loewe Art is further distinguished by its concealed connections and intelligent cable routing.

Ultra High Definition …… for the clearest picture.

The new Loewe Art's 4K Ultra High Definition display offers a resolution four times higher than a Full HD television. Add Loewe's proprietary up-scaling and Image + picture processing technology for Loewe's best ever picture quality with breathtaking clarity and detail, deep contrast and rich natural colours. There are many competing claims and different measures used as indicators of picture quality. But it's not the numbers that count, it's the pictures you see and this is where Loewe really shines. Seeing is believing! As most current TV broadcast signals don't meet the new Ultra HD standard, an up-scaling process is needed to enjoy the benefits of 4K Ultra HD.

Loewe's proprietary 4K Ultra HD scaling algorithm delivers beautifully up-scaled Full HD content from 1,920 x 1,080 pixels to 3,840 x 2,160 pixels, for visibly enhanced details and clarity.

Power and quality: all fully integrated…… thanks to 80 watts of stereo sound, generating a sound pressure of up to 90 dB.

The Loewe Art has a sound quality to rival many home cinema systems - or even put them in the shade. Its sound system delivers up to 80 watts* of music output, generating a sound pressure of up to 90 dB. As well as producing a 300 per cent more powerful sound effect than any other television, the long rectangular speaker box under the screen also offers far finer and more precise sound resolution in comparison with traditional narrow, oval loudspeakers. The Loewe Art brings you perfect sound, built in as standard. And if perfect is not quite good enough, you can upgrade to 3.1 sound with the subwoofer 200 and a further two loudspeakers (available via Loewe MediaUpdate in Q2/2015). For an impressive music experience.

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