Ultra High Definition.For the sharpest picture.

Ultra High Definition.For the sharpest picture.

Whose TV has the highest number of Hertz? There are many competing claims and many different measures, but what really counts is the quality of the picture and this is where Loewe shines with outstanding crystal-clear, sharp and natural image quality.  Seeing is believing.   So don't believe the hype.  The new Loewe Connect's Ultra High Definition display offers a resolution four times higher than that of a classic Full HD flat screen television. View Ultra HD-quality photos and videos as they are meant be seen, in sharp and vibrant clarity, using the HDMI input, a USB stick or your home network.

Most current TV broadcast signals do not currently meet the new Ultra HD standard, so an up-scaling process is needed to enjoy the benefits of Ultra HD.  Loewe's proprietary Ultra HD scaling algorithm delivers beautifully up-scaled Full HD content from 1,920 x 1,080 pixels to 3,840 x 2,160 pixels, for visibly enhanced details and clarity.

From the highest clarity dialogue through to immersive cinema sound…Thanks to 80 watts of stereo sound, a bass reflex box and a 5.1. audio decoder: all fully integrated.

Loewe has always regarded great sound as an essential complement to top picture quality. Back in 1933, Loewe's very first mass production television featured a dynamic speaker. In 1981, the company went on launch Europe's first television with stereo sound. Fast forward to the present day and the Loewe Connect has a sound quality to rival many home cinema systems - or even put them in the shade: 80 watts of music output to generate sound pressure of up to 90 dB and thanks to a closed box concept with base reflex there's a genuine perception of deep but clean bass. The new Loewe Connect comes complete with an integrated 5.1 audio decoder, to transform your television set into a centre speaker at the heart of a perfectly harmonised audio system - for a superb home cinema experience!

All enhanced by the Digital Audio Link interface and Dolby Digital and DTS support. Perfect sound, fewer cables, no awkward centre speaker placement, no extra remote control - maximum efficiency: the Loewe Connect has it all built in.

Loewe DR+.Ultimate recording convenience.

In days gone by, our ancient ancestors gathered together sitting around a fire.  More recently our generation too regularly gathered together around a flickering focal point - this time the television.  Always at specific times, to watch our favourite programmes.  What happens today?  We are no longer bound by the TV schedule, we can enjoy our life as we want to and still watch our favourite programs but at a time and place of our choosing.   As days gone by, the sofa is still the top choice,  with the television transformed into a smart entertainment hub.

The integrated Loewe DR+ hard disk recorder allows you to pause, record and stream television programmes at the touch of a button. Equipped with 1 TB of storage space, the Loewe Connect offers the full DR+ functionality:  a DR+ archive to store recordings in your own folder structure on the integrated hard disk or directly onto an external USB storage device.

Loewe DR+ Streaming and DR+ Follow me.Watch television anywhere in your home.

Feeling tired but don't want to miss the end of a programme? Simply press Pause, select 'Follow Me'  and go upstairs to bed.   When you're ready, simply press Play to continue watching the programme on the Loewe TV in your bedroom at exactly the point where you left off.  The television set in the living room then automatically switches to standby mode. It couldn't be simpler. Thanks to the Loewe DR+ Follow Me feature, your television can now follow you (almost) everywhere you go.  

The integrated DR+ Streaming feature also allows you to access the DR+ archive on one television from Loewe TV's in other rooms.

Loewe Multi Recording.Record multiple programmes simultaneously.

What happens if you want to watch something different to the rest of your family or a gathering of friends? Or how do you choose which programme to record if two of your favourites happen to clash? The solution is at hand.

Thanks to the new Loewe Multi Recording feature, you can now record two programmes simultaneously, and even watch a third channel at the same time*. The Loewe Connect's integrated DR+ hard disk recorder is capable of recording two programmes in parallel.

 Loewe Smart tv2move.Watch television. Independently. Enjoy.

The Smart tv2move app transforms your Tablet into a second television:  allowing you to watch one channel on your Loewe TV set while streaming another programme to your Tablet.  Giving you ultimate flexibility in your choice of viewing location, even on your patio or veranda, anywhere within your home network. The convenient fourteen-day EPG allows you to record programmes on your television's DR+ hard disk* and also watch your choice of recorded content on your tablet.

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